About Us

TWINS LEATHER INTERNATIONAL was founded in 1996 to serve the international market in Gloves Division to bring an enhanced level of quality leather gloves to an increasingly global, market place under the umbrella of “TWINS LEATHER INTERNATIONAL” the leading and distinguished name in leather and leather gloves industry. TWINS LEATHER INTERNATIONAL now can produce 80,000-100,000 pairs per month made of quality leather of Goat/Cow/Sheep/Split.

TWINS LEATHER INTERNATIONAL is specializes in all kind of leather working, fancy and fashion gloves, Leather wallet, Apron and as well as Leathers Accessories.

Our Commitment to customer satisfaction with belief on teamwork and continues striving to improve quality discriminate us international market. Our main business is very deep in manufacturing the Leather working gloves. In manufacturing the Leather Gloves, we have around one and half hundred skilled employees to expedite to export orders to different countries.

Since 1996 we specialize in manufacturing fine quality industrial leather gloves to export, especially to European Countries. The well-experienced designers have designed various types and shapes of gloves. Some different designs are shown in this catalogue. We have around 400 hundred skilled employees to expedite the export orders to different countries. They work in the capacity of different following sections.


The section consists of 6 skilled persons who keenly check and sort the leather pieces to be used in the manufacture of gloves other purpose.


Consists of 55 skilled persons who rechecked and cut the leather with minimum wastage,


We have 150 stitching machines which run in full swing eight hours a day-six days a week. The labors are so skilled; out of 120 each person daily stitches 100 pairs of gloves accurately of any particular design and size. We use fire resistant thread, which increases the glove’s fireproof properties besides imparting strength & quality. Particularly for firefighting persons & those who work in furnace, boilers and welding plants etc.


Our all leather products are SGS certified and we are very much conscious about the quality, and that’s why this department plays very important role in our success –we have nine quality conscious persons looking after the department. They check each and every glove by all means-and rejects minor fault or mark the glove if repairable without distorting the shape.


Usually exporters hire services, but we have a team of twenty skilled labors packing glove resisting different weathers facing during transit.

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